Terry Gaut | Andrew Kezeli
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Terry Gaut

Very advanced thinking... A highly skilled educator...
I have known Andrew now for just over 1 year but it seems like I have known him a lot longer. He is a personable gentleman with a wealth of knowledge that he is only too happy to share with anyone interested. Our paths crossed due to a business arrangement and I quickly discovered that Andrew had a knowledge of trading Peter Steidlmayer's Market Profile that was astounding. Not only could he talk in depth about advanced Market Profile strategies, he was also passionate about the possible additions that could be employed to enhance the existing trading rules.
Over numerous discussions, I was amazed at his ability to get very advanced thinking into simple terms that anyone could follow. In this regard, I will call Andrew a highly skilled educator as opposed to a lecturer. He listens to feedback and is more than happy to incorporate new thinking into his well-structured lessons. He is passionate and committed to his work and has a willingness to go beyond what is expected. It has been my pleasure to meet, know and work with Andrew and I look forward to a long involvement with him and his ideas.
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