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About Me

 Andrew Kezeli Andrew Kezeli Andrew Kezeli with Farmer in Asia During Research Project


Welcome! I’m Andrew Kezeli.


I wear many hats and love each one of them:


  • Technical analyst, professional trader, and trading applications developer
  • Serial entrepreneur with successful trading, marketing, and advertising companies
  • Trading coach, mentor, trainer, and course developer
  • Public speaker, author, writer, content developer, and editor
  • Philanthropist and animal welfare advocate
  • World traveler, semi-pro chef, foodie, dog lover, and animal welfare advocate



I’m interested in trading and discussing business opportunities, joint ventures, strategic alliances, and anything related to trading, technical analysis, and marketing.


Some of my current assets include:

  • Entrepreneurial, driven, methodical, organized, hardworking, reliable, and confident
  • Strong background in trading, technical analysis, marketing, training, and public speaking and am a recognized expert in Market Profile and volume analysis
  • Solid background in technical writing, courseware development, and content development, and professional editing
  • 20+ years self-employed, self-starter — 12 of these years in marketing, advertising, sales, and sales management



With over 20 years of active trading experience and hundreds of thousands of trades under my belt, I’m a co-founder of four leading providers of institutional-quality trading tools, automation, signal generation, proprietary trading, and leading-edge educational courses for traders of all levels of experience.


I’ve been a student of the markets since childhood and have enjoyed a successful career as multi-dimensional trader in equities, index futures, and commodities. I’m a recognized expert in Market Profile, trained by Peter J. Steidlmeyer and Steven Hawkins. I’m author / co-author of many peer-reviewed publications, including the recently published book New Frontiers in Technical Analysis (Wiley / Bloomberg); several Bloomberg guest author publications, including Global Technical Strategies; and Stocks, Futures & Options Magazine.


Some of my speaking engagements include:

  • Bloomberg technical analysis conferences worldwide
  • A featured panelist and speaker at the Market Technician’s Association Annual Symposium
  • Live trading events throughout the United States and in 12 countries
  • Traders Expo, Chicago
  • Online Traders Expo


Prior to my career in trading, I owned an advertising and marketing agency in Chicago for 11 years and was a Software Engineer and Senior Systems Analyst with Hewlett Packard for 12 years prior to that.



I enjoy worldwide travel, long walks and playtime with my dog, reading, great films, exercise, and studying the techniques and recipes of the world’s great chefs.



I am the founder and director of the Flora Foundation, a non-profit animal rescue organization that has a mission of fostering, treating, and healing abandoned, neglected, and abused dogs in “third-world” countries.


One of the challenges of fostering abandoned dogs in poor countries and regions comes down to cost. So while it’s somewhat “easy” to rescue hordes of doggies, where would you put them all?


One night in Asia, while I was doing my nightly rounds of feeding street doggies, I had an idea: Abandoned doggies are fearful of adults. Abandoned, abused, and orphaned children are also fearful of adults. But doggies love children—and children love doggies. Why not bring the doggies to where the children are?


As fate would have it, the following day I was going to meet Divina for the first time. Divina is a young lady in her 20s whom I had sponsored since she was four years old. And in thinking about that meeting, I had my solution where to foster abandoned doggies: at orphanages.


Take the Philippines, for example. There are over 2,000 registered orphanages with an estimated 100,000 children. What if abandoned doggies could be rescued, treated, behavior-tested, and then fostered at orphanages? And what if the orphanages were provided free food, shelter, medical care, and training materials for the children on how to care for the pets?


In a wonderfully synergistic way, the Flora Foundation was born. 


My visit here was part of early research in establishing the Flora Foundation.

A fun visit to Padre Pio’s Home for Children that was part of early research in establishing the Flora Foundation


Rescued and sheltered doggies at the Philippines Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), Ortigas, Manila, Philippines

Rescued and sheltered doggies at the Philippines Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), Ortigas, Manila, Philippines


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